More Rural Mysteries

OK, seeing as you lot were so clever the last time, here’s another poser that’s been bugging me for a long time. There’s a turnoff we take, coming back from Bigtown. The ground on the corner is banked up – or perhaps the road is cut through – and sticking out of the bank is a big black pipe. Coming out of the pipe is a fairly steady stream of water. That’s not the mystery – the pipe obviously is some sort of a drainage system for the field above, and the water is the stuff that comes out of the sky on a fairly constant basis. No, the mystery is why someone thought it might be useful to place a bucket under the stream of water coming out of the pipe. It’s a big bucket, but then it’s a big pipe and besides, the bucket is always full. Sometimes – when it’s been raining hard – the stream of water overshoots the bucket, sometimes it merely overflows the bucket. Either way, if they’re planning on keeping that particular corner of the road dry, they’re going to need a bigger bucket.

So come on all you rural types and clever folk and explain it to me, poor befuddled Londoner that I am: what is the possible purpose of the bucket?

13 Responses to More Rural Mysteries

  1. GOM1 says:

    Somebody cleaning buckets?

  2. john says:

    If the water goes directly down onto the road it will quickly cause a hole to form, so the bucket is acting as protection for the road. Also if the road went then the bank my soon follow. When the water overshots the bucket it does not hit the road with such force so not so much damage.
    cheers John

    ps This of course may be all wrong

  3. Autolycus says:

    Knowing where to find a bucket of water at the far end of your land, if you should need one?

    Or perhaps someone somewhere is tearing their hair out or on complete non-speaks with someone else because they can’t find their !*”!ing bucket.

  4. disgruntled says:

    GOM1 – hah, good point, hadn’t thought of that one
    John – possibly, except that the bucket isn’t actually on the road.
    Autolycus – your first suggestion was my original thought. But I prefer your second one – I just know that deep down rural life is a seething mass of feuds and long held grudges.

  5. Dom says:

    You can tell it’s the countryside. If it wasn’t the pipe would be vandalised, the bucket stolen and the field would already be 400 half built flats. You’d also be too busy trying to stay alive on the death trap that are urban roads that you wouldn’t have noticed any of it in the first place 🙂

  6. Dom says:

    Well my other suggestion is it’s used by NXEA to determine if they’re going to run my train on time.

    Bucket Empty: Run the train on time
    Bucket Full: Run the train late
    Water missing bucket: Cancel train

    Gives you and idea of my week 🙂

  7. disgruntled says:

    And if the bucket has been kicked … person under train, whole service shot to pieces?

    Can I just say how happy I am not to have to worry about this any more? Oh, sorry …

  8. Kay says:

    What’s in the field? We have a bucket under a gutter that runs along the back of our allotment. Pick carrots, put carrots in bucket. Go back an hour later, clean carrots for no effort. Take carrots home …

    And train related: I went to LonDon yesterday (I know, it was busines, don’t blame me) and there was a fatality on the line. I only go to LonDon about four times a year, so how come there is at least one fatality for each four trips I make? Do they know I’m coming?

  9. disgruntled says:

    Sheep, probably. Bit big for a bucket

    I think you should stop going to London, clearly…

  10. David J Simpson says:

    I’d imagine it is to collect the mud out of the water and allow it to settle in the bucket rather over the road and create a hazard?

  11. I think the person who placed the bucket under the pipe was planning to return later with a bigger bucket, or perhaps a cork stopper, and was delayed, perhaps by a train or a UFO.

    Please keep us Californians updated on the status of the bucket!

  12. […] route took me past the scene of the mysterious pipe and bucket combo, and I can now report that there have been developments. The bucket has gone and been replaced with […]

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