More on Keeping Pat Pedalling

So, only seven months after I signed the No 10. petition about persuading Royal Mail not to phase out its bikes – and less than six months after it closed, I got an email! From the guv’mint! telling me that they’d read the petition and they were going to do sod all about it. This is, I suppose, fair enough as the Royal Mail is supposedly run at arms length (although they then undermined that position by going on to extol the delights of the new electric trolleys in the sort of detail that implies a rather closer management). Anyway, nothing daunted for, as Karl at Do the Right Thing points out, there is another campaign, run by the CTC this time, aiming to persuade Royal Mail directly. This time it’s a print-out-and post type campaign, writing to the Chief Executive which I imagine will have exactly the same effect as the last campaign did, except it will at least boost the company’s profits a bit*.

But, what the hell, you should join in anyway. And who knows, it might work. Although even if it does it may not guarantee carbon-free miles for all your posties. Coming back from a ride the other day we passed our postman as he came out of our drive in his little van and suggested jokingly that he might like to complete his route on a bike instead.
‘Oh aye they used to give me a bike back when I delivered in the town,’ he said. ‘Never used it. Too much like hard work. Used to wheel it round the first corner, ditch it, and finish the round in my car.’

You can lead a postman to a bicycle …

*Er, if we write and complain every time the Royal Mail does something we don’t like isn’t that a bit of a perverse incentive to them to keep pissing us off? I mean even more than they already do with the red rubber bands everywhere?

4 Responses to More on Keeping Pat Pedalling

  1. Flighty says:

    I signed that petition as well, and don’t think I’ve had a guv’mint email about it!
    Red rubber bands are so annoying, an elderly neighbour collects them and then she puts them in the nearby letter box!

  2. anthony wong says:

    hi i rather enjoy your posts. u advise we support the petition to bring back the bikes. but u actually asked a postman what he thinks of the bike, and he did not like it. Should we not listen to the postman’s views. they might want a van instead of a bike.
    no point spending money on bikes when the postman wont use it.

  3. disgruntled says:

    Flighty – you’re not missing much. Look in your spam box
    Anthony – good point. But there are other postmen who like their bikes – maybe at least this way they get a choice?

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