Cattle in the Mist

There was a moment yesterday morning when the sun struggled through and the whole countryside started to steam gently

Since then we’ve had nothing but rain, interspersed with heavy showers. A break in one of the latter has at least given me a chance to have a go at one of my favourite post-wet-weather activities, de-flooding the road outside the house. It takes a surprisingly small amount of leaves to completely block up the storm drains, turning the road into a minor canal. Fortunately this means that only a small amount of poking about with a stick very quickly clears the blockage with a very satisfactory gurgling sound and within half an hour the road is back to road (albeit wet road) and I can feel like I’ve done my bit.

If only everything was as easy and as satisfying to sort out, Mr Cameron and his big society would be onto something. Sadly, there are very few other problems that can be resolved by poking them with a stick, whatever the more disciplinarian wing of the Tory party might believe.

5 Responses to Cattle in the Mist

  1. commuterjohn says:

    I have a couple of drains that do that and it is like a man beats nature thing when they start clearing huge amounts of flood water.
    Poking things with sticks I could do much more frequently but not sure it would have much more effect than an ouch!

  2. Dom Davis says:

    Many things can be solved with a suitably large and sharp stick. Sadly the floods I used to get in my old place were not one of them. Those needed to be sorted by The Drain Doctor and the bill forwarded to the council (whose fault it ultimately was). A few of those had the problem solved and they could count as a metaphorical stick 🙂

  3. disgruntled says:

    I should be clear, these are quite small drains (and some of them are no more than pipes pushed through dykes). Not the kind that swallow whole families. And not proper drains either, which require men with expensive equipment (or, in our case, a young lad with a shovel who look like he’d lost a bet with his colleagues)

  4. Ragged Thread Cartographer says:

    I’m a bit late here but just wanted to say your top photo brought back Scotland so vividly – could smell the air….. Reminded me of driving through Perthshire backwards & forwards Manchester-Inverness every month. PS what’s the highest ford level you don’t dare take your car through?

  5. disgruntled says:


    We don’t take our car through *any* level of water in the ford, which is not much hardship as there’s a 1 in 5 hill on the other side of it. The postman lives halfway up it – fortunately he (and the post office van) is made of sterner stuff. The local consensus is that anything over about 8 inches is a bit dodgy

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