Here’s how my Life Works…

PEDAL on PARLIAMENT!Just when I’m thinking I might have a bit of time to devote to my garden, or earning some money, or writing, or just getting out on my bike for a nice ride in the beginnings of spring, someone has a bright idea and I foolishly suggest that I could help out. And the next thing I know I’m simultaneously trying to deal with all of the above (except the nice bike rides) while helping set up a website, writing a manifesto and organising a mass bike ride on the Scottish parliament…

Now that the first mad dash to get something launched is over, I’m hoping things will return to something like normal, whatever normal is, and the blog will return to its usual mix of weather, gardening, stray livestock, photos and reports on the level of the ford*.

Meanwhile can I ask those of you anywhere near Scotland to consider signing up for this, following this or just going and having a look at this.

I think that’s all the social media options covered… we’ve even got a hashtag, and everything

* Just three inches this afternoon, and thanks for asking

4 Responses to Here’s how my Life Works…

  1. Sarah says:

    I’m interested, but don’t have an April rota from work yet… Suspect I may be trapped at work.

  2. disgruntled says:

    Oh no … would be great if you could come. Any other Aberdonians likely to make it?

  3. […] is charged with killing a cyclist celebrating her first anniversary. Scottish cyclists plan a mass ride on Parliament April 28th. UK rabbis declare this the Big Green Jewish Year of the Bicycle, and in an ecumenical […]

  4. […] couple of weeks of miraculously okay weather – and the fact that I haven’t started any new cycle campaigns for over a month now – means that I’ve more or less caught up with myself and the […]

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