Behold, there has been Gardening Done

Garden veg beds before planting

Not much, admittedly, but some.

veg beds with some seedlings planted out

Mangetouts, beans and half the chard has been planted out, with the salad, peas and beetroot still to come. That will leave me filling a few gaps to replace the things that have totally failed so far this year. It does seem to have been a tricky spring for lots of gardeners, not just me (although I can’t really blame the weather, having simply failed to do any meaningful gardening for the past couple of months).

Now that the weather and the soil is warming up a bit I’m actually trying something I haven’t attempted for ages: planting stuff direct into the soil, rather than raising everything in modules first. Back in the days when I first started gardening up here, I quickly gave that up as a waste of time as very little ever came up and what did was promptly eaten by the slugs. But that was when I was young and keen and trying to get everything going in March. Now that I’ve reached the ‘help, how is it May already?’ stage of my gardening career I might just have left it late enough that the seeds will germinate on their own, although that still leaves those bastards the slugs

Of course, leaving it to May to get started does give things less time to grow, so there’s a danger I’ll end up with puny undersized vegetables like, say, leeks the size of spring onions.

Not that I’m a stranger to that at all.

That’s just the veg side of things, which is actually the easy bit (raised beds are amazing at keeping the weeding effort down). I draw a veil over the rest of the garden which is going hard down the ‘dandelions are an excellent food source for pollinators’ route.

Meanwhile, in other news there has also been recycling done:

recycling bag at road end

Be still, my beating heart, be still.

3 Responses to Behold, there has been Gardening Done

  1. Tanja says:

    We planted out our peppers yesterday and my boyfriend put out all the tomatoes today.

  2. Good luck – I’m also wary of sowing seeds straight in the ground. I suspect mice eat the peas and beans and slugs eat the shoots as soon as they come up. Good to see your dandelions. I have lots of these too.

  3. disgruntled says:

    @Tanja – ah the greenhouse plants are the other half’s responsibility fortunately
    @paradise – the first lot of peas all got suspended from the greenhouse rafters to germinate after the mice got them last year

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