For Those in Peril from the Skies

Sitting out last evening we were joined – briefly – by the cat, or rather she deigned to come over to be stroked, sharpen her claws on the bench, and make sure we weren’t eating anything interesting. Then her attention was caught by the sight of a swallow swooping in through the window of the swallow shed, where the second broods are busy making a squawking racket, and the rival delights of Swallow TV drew her over. She does love to sit on the windowsill and watch them flying around inside but the swallows aren’t quite as keen and have taken to making their displeasure known in an extremely vocal manner so the cat has taken on a bit of a hunted air in recent weeks, keeping one nervous eye on the sky. Even so, it was a lovely evening, the baby swallow racket was soooo tempting, it was getting dark so maybe the swallows wouldn’t fly, if she kept a low profile and didn’t look too much like a cat they wouldn’t attack. And besides they’re only birds it wouldn’t be that …


… frightening. Wrong. Cue enraged mama swallow, and cat bolting for the safety of the car. Perhaps I’m going to have to make her a cap too.

Anyway, we’re off to face a different kind of peril tomorrow – down to That London to see if we can get our bikes across town without being squashed or getting lost or possibly interned for the duration for daring to use one of the Zil Lanes without authorisation. That should give me something different to blog about – and possibly make the risk of aerial attack seem utterly trivial by comparison. If we’re spared…

3 Responses to For Those in Peril from the Skies

  1. livinginabox says:

    You are so lucky to have swallows. I’ve heard a few swifts screaming occasionally, and seen some house-martins and possibly some sand-martins, but due to the generally expletive-deleted crap / soggy / wet / weather we’ve had in the South-East up until recently, there have been very few insects and presumably not much for the birds or anything else to eat or feed to their offspring.

    For the first time ever I saw a buzzard recently soaring over here, and being mobbed by a crow:
    I didn’t know there were Buzzards around here.

  2. disgruntled says:

    Buzzards are doing quite well, I think they’re still bouncing back from the effects of DDT.

    We have fewer swallows than last year, I think, but they’re busy making up the deficit, as long as they can keep the cat off.

    I wish we had swifts but the buildings around here aren’t tall enough!

  3. emma c says:

    Oh how fabulous! How funny..

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