Put to Work

onions, carrots, celery

Stock makings. I’m never sure how much the vegetable matter actually makes a difference to the end result but I can’t think of anything else celery is good for

I had a quiet day at home on my own today and with the weather looking decidedly unpleasant, it was a chance to get the Rayburn earning its keep and justifying its oil bill. The electric cooker we use during the summer means it’s not worth making stock so the chicken carcases build up in the freezer until Rayburn Man comes and then it’s all hands to the deck, and a chance to transform all the odds and ends of celery, the pathetically small onions I managed to grow this year, and parmesan rinds that have been kicking around for a while in the fridge into something scrummy

chicken stock

Chicken stock. Artful camera angle entirely down to the fact that I was charging my phone at the time

And once the stock making had taken the heat out of the Rayburn oven, it was the perfect temperature to attempt making chocolate chip cookies with added SCIENCE, as detailed at even greater length than I would consider reasonable here. I had even stuck with the instructions and rested the dough for 24 hours as apparently this was the SCIENCE bit even though Twitter was urging me to split the batch and experiment for myself.

No rest for me, however (thanks Twitter), for first I had a planning application to consider and then a whole Scottish Budget to comb through for mention of active travel (spending on cycling stagnating while the spending on roads goes up 9% if you’re interested) although fortunately more dedicated people than me did the actual combing and most of the drafting, I just had to do a cut and polish on the final result.

There was a bit of novel writing in there somewhere too.

Oh and the cookies? To be honest, they were actually a bit overpowering. Possibly Twitter was right. As the academics always say, more research is needed…

plate of cookes

This looks like a small plate of normal sized cookies but the recipe was American and so it is actually a dinner plate of giant cookies.

2 Responses to Put to Work

  1. Sue greig says:

    What you doing this weekend? Can I/we come and visit the recovering person? Just a cup of tea beside the Raeburn.

  2. disgruntled says:

    Sue you have email…

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