Man Bites Potato

potato plants in greenhouse

‘It’s not so much the space they’re taking up,’ the other half said, as he enquired when I’d be digging up the potatoes in the greenhouse. ‘It’s that I’m worried they might grab a leg as I squeeze past and have me for supper…’

potato flowers

It’s true that the potato plants in the greenhouse have grown almost obscenely luxuriant, including even the flowers, but fortunately the one I dug up this afternoon didn’t appear to have any half-digested gardeners among the tubers

first potatoes

So we had them for supper instead. They were, naturally, delicious and happily non-exploding (and I note that we’re precisely one day earlier harvesting our first potatoes than we were last year).

potato harvest

Along with some lettuce, which is already getting out of hand.

lettuce plants

Note that this very close-cropped and selective shot is the pretty much the only angle from which my veg plot looks even mildly well tended. A friend came up to visit this morning and saw the worst, but hopefully she will spare my blushes.

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