Top Tip for Gardeners …

… whose garden has started to definitively cross the line from ‘relaxed and informal planting’

Garden in bloom

to ‘shame, you can see how this might have been a nice garden once’.

Overgrown and weedy patio

When visitors are due, make sure you invest in a young hare that seems happy to remain visible from various vantage points inside the house…

Hare scratching its nose seen through a doorway

and seems more than relaxed in its surroundings.

Hare stretched out on a gravel path

Suddenly your badly weeded patio and unkempt lawn become ‘hare habitat’ and everything else gets overlooked.

I wonder if hares will be big at Chelsea this year? If not, the garden designers are definitely missing a trick.

3 Responses to Top Tip for Gardeners …

  1. Gwynneth Rixon says:

    Beautiful to have a hare so trusting and feeling safe in your garden

  2. Charles says:

    Hare today, green tomorrow.

  3. disgruntled says:

    @Gwynneth – it is, I just hope it knows to run away from other people (and dogs) who may not be as well intentioned
    @Charlse – indeed.

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