Sight for Sore Eyes

my own bike

After a fortnight on a borrowed bike, getting back to my own was almost as good as getting back to my own bed (in fact better, as it was so bloody freezing when I got into bed last night I found myself shivering uncontrollably even with a hot water bottle. Whose idiotic idea was it to turn off the Rayburn on the flimsy grounds that it would be June when we got back from the States?*). It felt a little skittery for the first few hundred yards – although whether that was the effect of switching from a weighty hybrid with knobbly tyres, or just general high spirits on the bike’s part after two weeks in a shed, I don’t know.

cows in the road

It was good to be back on the old papershop run too, even though the traffic was terrible (I adopted the correct procedure for allowing cows to pass me and with a bit of eye rolling they made it past), and ASBO buzzard did a few warning traverses as I crossed into its territory, although without actually attacking.

bluebell wood

Bluebells. Obviously they were about five times as lovely as they look here, but you’ll just have to imagine it

The bluebells are still going strong (the first rule of bluebell woods is you don’t try and take photographs of bluebell woods because you will be disappointed by the results but I couldn’t resist).

may / hawthorn flower

The may is out although it’s still a bit nippy for any over-enthusiastic clout casting.

And when I was riding home from Bigtown this evening I had to keep stopping to take photos because it was just so lovely.

road_home road_home_2 road_home_3

Oh all right, the fierce headwind might have had something to do with it as well…

Rather less lovely was the horrifically road-killed deer that’s festering half way down the road to the village. I did take a picture, but it’s too grim to post. Normally any deer get scooped up for venison pretty quick but this was clearly too mangled. Drivers, please slow down on rural roads, even if you don’t care about me you surely don’t want to hit Bambi…

* Mine

5 Responses to Sight for Sore Eyes

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  2. charles says:

    Just out of interest are those all your bikes in your own shed? Did they multiply while your back was turned? Interesting that your bluebells are going strong while they are finished in the south.

    Still pretty nippy down here but getting warmer. Should be lovely over the weekend as I am off to Africa again, but only 3 months to go.

  3. disgruntled says:

    the blue bike is mine, the two bikes to the left are the other half’s old and new bikes, and the dismantled bits of bike are a long story

  4. Thanks for those pics. I was down in Galloway last weekend, and on a rather too rushed research trip from cd to balmaghie via abbey burn foot ( in the car) I kept driving through these scenes with bluebells plus wild garlic plus some wee pink flowers. I kept meaning to stop and take pics, but the next spot was always more enticing and time short and on coming home to the north east ( where the bluebells are still going strong as dominant flower in my garden) I discovered I had no such pictures. Yours have double benefit, let me see the scenery again and confirm what I thought that while great, sometimes pictures cannot do full justice to what we see with eyes! I’m not a cyclist but I can confirm that the best way to see Galloway is by cycle… Gives you the time to be in the landscape. And 2of the books I’m working on now feature cycling in Galloway, so come autumn I’ll be able to add more weight to my calls for all those who can to get on their bikes in Galloway!

  5. disgruntled says:

    Yep – and being on a bike makes it easier to stop for pictures too

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