Squirrelling Away

road in sunshine

It was supposed to be a gentle bike ride to enjoy the September sunshine while stocks (of sunshine and of bike rides) last.

hazelnuts on the tree

But then we noticed the hazelnuts. This is the first year that there’s been enough of them in the hedgerows that humans could get to them before the squirrels did (or maybe just this human as they’re not that noticeable). We’ve been picking a few handfuls here and there on our walks for the last week or so, just nudging at the little clusters to see if they’re ready to drop. But today we noticed that there were hundreds of nuts just lying around on the grass beneath some of the hazel coppices so we filled our boots.*

view of cows

After that we were a bit distracted by the search for hazelnuts to really enjoy the scenery properly. Fortunately most of the other traffic we encountered was other bikes…

view of river

That, and a slightly pissed off red squirrel. But we did leave him plenty, honest.

hazel nuts

* actually the other half’s surprisingly capacious pockets on his shorts. Who needs panniers?

8 Responses to Squirrelling Away

  1. velovoiceblogspot says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    You lucky thing. I am beginning to get suspicious that you are north of the border. The weather looks a bit too good.

  3. disgruntled says:

    Not bad eh? And apparently there’s a hazelnut shortage on.

    @John – we’re beginning to wonder ourselves

  4. Have you tried cracking any of those you picked up? Squirrels are very good at finding and rejecting duds!

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