I Brake for Baby Birds

It’s that time of year when the hedges are full of recently fledged birds, all a bit, well, crap, in the endearing way baby birds are. Which is fine, until they launch themselves in front of your bike and, like learner drivers, prove to be a bit slower off the mark than you were quite expecting. Twice now I’ve had to jam on the brakes to prevent myself from rear-ending a low-flying beginner that hadn’t quite made it to safety.

Sadly, it also means too many sad little flattened feathery corpses on the road. so far I’ve seen an oystercatcher, a rook, several blackbirds, a goldfinch, a yellowhammer and any number of unidentifiable little brown jobs (I really should probably get back to filling in Splatter Project reports).

It was cheering, though, to pass a hedgeful of a flock of something – hard to tell what when you’re zooming past. One went, and then another, and then they were all pouring out of the hedge to get away, hunners of them, chirping as they flew, setting the whole field beside me in motion. It was a laugh-out-loud kind of sight, the way they just kept coming as I passed, as if the hedge itself were taking flight.

And not a one ended up under anyone’s wheels, which counts as a bonus at this time of year.

5 Responses to I Brake for Baby Birds

  1. We would love to receive reports from you or any other cyclists! https://projectsplatter.co.uk/report-some-data-to-project-splatter/

  2. Charles says:

    Last year I was going for a jog. As a 56 year old who likes a drink you can imagine that I plod rather than fly. Imagine my horror when a young sparrow flew out of the hedge and into my shin. I put the winded bird bag in the hedge but judging by the feathers a stoat or weasel got it…the juvenile avian airworthiness scheme needs updating. Mind you the house martins round here are expert already and have loud teenage strops from the roof when they should be off gathering their dinners.

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